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Don't follow the crowd in your marketing campaign

Marketing and design is a continual process, and it does not just stop at the production of one leaflet or one website. It is about continually getting your message out to your audience, and existing customers, and reminding them of all the other services you offer.

It is all too easy to follow the usual trends, which ends up getting overlooked or drowned by the rest of the bumpf that your customers are already exposed too. How many leaflets and brochures have you cast your eyes over in the last month? Probably quite a few! How many stood out to you? Most likely, you will recall just one.

While all the leaflets, brochures, websites, and magazine advertisements are clearly defining the message as to what the producer intended, it is getting drowned out by the rest. You as a consumer or potential customer becomes desensitised to the conventional material that you are exposed to.

Do you remember in the early 1990’s where Music TV was really picking up, and artists where pushing video technology and studio effects to the limits?

The video that was ranked one of the highest in terms of design and concept was the track “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor. This was a video that was stripped back to pure simplicity with a close framed head shot

We all remember it, or we will all have heard of it. Why? Because it went against the grain of what the current trend was suggesting. Thus standing out, and thus being remembered, and making the audience pay attention.

In the same way, if we wanted to create a functional advertisement, clearly stating what are services are, adding a conventional stock image and boldly highlighting our logo, we could end up with something like this:

Or we can go against the grain, and intrigue our audience a little more. Of course is depends on where the advert will be placed, but our intention was to generate curiosity, and through curiosity, using this advert:

We increased our web traffic by 30% in 1 week, and resulted in 2 email enquiries, of which 1 enquiry was converted to business.



  • Raw illusions undertook some corporate photography on our behalf. They ensured that the session was unobtrusive and relaxed and produced some excellent results that we can use without difficulty for all our corporate needs. I had no idea the Directors were so good looking. I cannot reccommend Az and his team highly enough.

    Tim Harding ~ 360 Partnership Ltd

  • From the moment we instructed Raw illusions to deliver a fresh looking website, we new we had made the right decision. Contstant communication, and always adapting to our ever changing needs, and of course the final delivery really complimented the ambience of our restaurant. Really looking forward to working with you all again

    Reiss Amaan ~ Aroma Grill

  • Az just a quick a note to say thank you for your time and effort in assisting us with our project. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and I will have no hesitation to call you again for future work.

    Don Leonardo ~ Concert Artistes